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Member Reviews

For an in-depth look at how members feel about the tips and service provided by Football Accumulator Tips please read the reviews below. These are just a few of the many positive reviews we have received from tip subscribers.

Ctirad Gelashvilistarrating2

“In the past I would win one or two matches but not the four I needed to win the accumulator. But that hasn’t been a problem since joining Football Accumulator Tips. The tips here are strong for all matches.”

Ivan Beckerstarrating2

“I was always scared to try a football accumulator bet because of the long odds but I decided to get a tip from this site and try it. I won 1235 EUR on my very first bet. I’m definitely going to try it again.”

Kamil Farkar starrating2

“When I lost my first bet with your tip I was ready to move on but something made me go back and try it again. I’m so glad I did. I have won my last three accumulator bets and my bankroll has never been higher.”

Zawisza Poli starrating2

“Winning accumulator bets is so much easier with your tips. I can’t say enough good things about Football Accumulator Tips. I love this site.”

Radim Vitols starrating2

“I’ve tried over and under 2.5 goals bets, Asian handicap bets and just about everything else and I’ve come to the conclusion you can’t win more than placing accumulator bets with tips from Football Accumulator Tips.”

Milorad Kayser starrating2

“I’m really loving the tips! I can’t wait to place my next accumulator bet and win big.”

Sasho Bobollini starrating2

“You have really simplified accumulator bets for me. Now I don’t do any research, I just use your tip and count my winnings.”

Lubomir Popovski starrating2

“I was told by the so-called experts not to try accumulator bets because of the long odds but clearly these ‘experts’ didn’t know about Football Accumulator Tips. This site puts the odds in the bettor’s favor!”

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